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Commit Global launches WeVote4.EU, the digital platform that provides EU citizens all the information they need about the 2024 European Parliament elections, in 26 languages

Commit Global launched WeVote4.EU, the first platform to provide all EU citizens with essential information about the European Parliamentary elections: how to vote, regardless of which European state they are in, real-time information about the progress of the elections in each country - such as voter turnout - along with simultaneous monitoring of the elections for the first time in several European states through the Vote Monitor app.

Author: Commit Global

WeVote4.EU is available in 26 languages, so that any European citizen can effortlessly find the information they need.

Regardless of the voter's EU nationality, country of residence or location on election day, WeVote4.EU provides precise and customized instructions and information in four main categories: Voter Guidance, Voter Turnout, Live Feed and Election Monitoring.

Voter Guidance, a personalized voting assistant, guides the European citizen to the specific information they need:- registration requirements (if any);- various voting methods (proxy, online, postal, polling station);- required documentation;- assistance for voters with disabilities or other limitations.

The resources provided for this section are official information provided by national institutions and organizations responsible for developing voting rules and procedures, as well as information from the European Parliament platform.

The Voter Turnout section provides unified and comprehensive statistics of EU citizens casting their vote in the 2024 European Parliament elections.

The Live Feed section provides real-time information on election developments in each country, highlighting election day trends, significant events and expert commentary from our civil society partners across the EU. Our aim is to amplify and increase the voices of civil society on the issue of elections, often not heard enough or not heard at all. We are therefore providing a central space where NGO partners from all 27 EU countries, entities that play an important role in all areas of development across the Union, can cover and analyze elections from a civil society perspective.The comments section will be available during all the European Parliament election days, starting from June 6, 2024.

Election monitoring, already carried out in Romania and Poland in previous elections with the Vote Monitor app, is now being used for the first time at European level. Several European organizations are monitoring the European elections simultaneously using the same digital solution, Vote Monitor, a landmark event that allows us to view for the first time pan-European aggregated polling station vote monitoring data.

By working with various organizations, the effort ensures comprehensive and reliable monitoring of elections in various EU countries.

„European elections are not just a series of national votes, but a collective celebration of our common identity and democratic values. We are over 400 million citizens building a common future, transcending borders and embracing the power of our diversity. Through WeVote4.EU, we facilitate the participation of every citizen, wherever they are in the EU, in this powerful unified electoral process, for unity and collaboration, for social cohesion and active participation of all stakeholders”, said Olivia Vereha, co-founder and Director of Product Commit Global.

As the world's first global non-governmental civic technology organization, Commit Global‘s goal is to provide a free global digital infrastructure so that governments, international and civil organizations can provide faster and coordinated support in the wake of humanitarian disasters. Through previous projects, more than 20 million people have already been supported. Romania is exporting digital solutions that will also help hundreds of thousands of other NGOs around the world.

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