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CRITICAL SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE: Offering safe access to housing and vital resources, enabling access to timely information and ensuring health services for the chronically ill, our tools have offered critical support for over 1 million refugees. Find out more.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and recognize that we must maintain and use your information responsibly. is a presentation website for Commit Global (“Commit Global”, “we”, “us”, “our”). This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, and protect your personal information on this website.  By submitting your personal information on this website, you agree to the terms in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not use our website.

Data collection

  • We collect information from you if you access this website through a regular browser. 

  • This website makes use of cookies (ex: Google Analytics) to measure and optymize the experience for all users.

  • Commit Global will not disclose or sell your personal data to any third party, except the legally binding situations described in this Privacy Policy. 

  • Commit Global will take all reasonable measures to protect your personal information as this is a major concern for us. 

Upon visiting we will automatically collect and store data about your current visit. This information is not personally identifiable. The information we may collect is: operating system on your device, the browser you are using, pages in you have visited, the source of your visit (ex: Google, Facebook), date and time of your visit and the domain from which you access the internet. All of this information is used to further improve the navigation experience on our website and to understand the preferences of our visitors. We will not collect any personal information through this website without your express consent. 

Using the forms made available on Commit Global

By filling in any of the contact forms present on our website, you will be required to express your consent for us to get back in touch with you via the means of communication you have provided us with. Our forms may request you to fill in data such as: 

  • your full name, 

  • your email address, 

  • your country, 

  • your phone number, depending on the type of form you want to use.

This data will be used solely for the purpose of being able to contact you and provide you with an answer to your request or inquiry. 

Subscribing to our newsletter

Commit Global uses Mailchimp as our newsletter manager. When signing up to our newsletter you will be asked to provide us with mandatory fields and also optional fields. The mandatory fields are: Name, Surname, Email address. The optional fields include: country of residence, organisation/company you work for. Commit Global reserves its right to edit, add or remove optional fields at any time without notification.

We use this data to send you regular notifications or informative newsletters regarding our activity, our programmes and our results, as well as invitations to our events or other announcements. Every email you will receive from us will contain the possibility for you to unsubscribe to receiving this kind of communication from Commit Global. 

If you choose to unsubscribe to our newsletter you will no longer receive any automatic email coming from our organisation. You may request that your data be deleted from the unsubscribed mailing list contacts at any moment by sending an email to

Commit Global will not disclose or sell your personal data to any third party, except the legally binding situations described in this Privacy Policy. 

Donating through our website

Commit Global provides the visitors of its website with the possibility to donate to support our cause. When you make a donation to our website, you will be automatically redirected to PayPal where you will be required to input credit card or bank account details in order for the payment processor to securely transfer the donation amount of your choice. 

The data the processor will require is your name, your card type, your card number, your card expiry date and your security code used to operate the transaction. If you opt for donating directly from your credit card you will input this data manually. If you opt to donate through your PayPal account this data will be drawn automatically from your PayPal account in order to process the transaction. Your name, you email and the amount of your transaction will remain stored in the transaction history database. 

Third party integrations

Commit Global uses Google Analytics to better understand how visitors navigate our website to improve their overall experience. Google Analytics does not collect any identifiable information about its visitors and we do not process the data collected via our forms together with the data provided by Google Analytics. 

Google Analytics will place a cookie on your browser in order for it to identify you as a unique visitor and to collect information about your navigation accordingly. This cookie is used exclusively by Google who is in turn restricted from sharing and using this data by its own  Google Analytics Terms of Use and Google Privacy Policy.

What are cookies 

A Cookie ("browser cookie" or "HTTP cookie") is a small file, a succession of letters and numbers, that is stored on any terminal with Internet access (computers, mobile phones, tablets etc.) and is installed upon a request from a server to a browser (ex: Internet Explorer, Chrome). “Cookies” do not contain any software programs, viruses or spyware and cannot access information on the user’s hard drive. A cookie consists of a name and content, the length of its existence is limited, and it can be accessed again by the webserver when a user returns to the website associated with that server.

Cookies save information in a small text file allowing a website to recognize a browser. The web server will recognize the browser up until the cookie expires or is deleted. The cookie stores important information that improve the browsing experience (e.g. a serial number for your donation). Cookies do not request personal information nor do they personally identify internet users. 

  • Session cookies - are cookies temporarily stored in the browser’s history where they are stored until the user leaves that website or closes the browser window.

  • Persistent Cookies - These are stored, for a predetermined length of time, on a computer hard drive or similar equipment. Persistent cookies include those placed by a different website than the one the user is visiting at the time, so-called “third-party cookies”- that can be anonymously used to track a user’s interests - allowing them to receive ads more relevant to their interests.

There are cookies that are exclusively used for a single session - these are no longer stored after the user has left the website. Permanent cookies are stored and reused every time the user returns to that website but can be deleted at any time by the user.

How to block/opt-out of using cookies

Cookies are one of the most important tools for a seamless, efficient Internet experience, helping to generate friendly browsing experiences tailored to the needs of every user. Refusing to accept cookies or deactivating them can make some websites impossible to use. Refusing to accept cookies or deactivating them does not mean that you will no longer receive online ads, only that these ads will no longer take your interests or preferences into account as determined by your browsing behavior.

Refusing to accept cookies or deactivating them can make some websites difficult or impossible to navigate or use. Refusing to accept cookies also does not mean that you will no longer receive online ads.

You can set up your browser to reject cookies automatically or you can select only some websites where cookies are enabled. But, for example, if you turn off cookies on this website you can not follow through with the next steps in filling out the form.

Modern browsers offer the ability to change cookie settings. You can usually find cookie settings under the “options” tab or the “preferences” menu of your browser.

For more general information on cookies and how to deactivate them, you may visit

Data sharing 

There may be situations where, as required by law, we may be requested to disclose personal information collected through this website. We may access, preserve and disclose your information if requested in order to comply with law enforcement requirements and legal processes, such as court orders or if subpoened, or if this may protect you or other’s rights, property or general safety. 

Advice for safe and responsible cookie-based browsing 

Deactivating cookies will no longer allow user access to some of the most important websites such as Youtube, Gmail, Yahoo and others. Here's some advice that can help you browse safely while retaining cookies:

  • Customize your browser cookie settings to allow for a comfortable security level. If cookies are not a problem for you and you are the only person using that device you can set long cookie retention intervals in order to store your browsing history and your personal access data.

  • If you share the device or computer you may want to set up the browser to delete your individual browsing data every time it is closed. This is one way to access websites that place cookies on your shared computer while deleting all your browsing data when closing the session.

  • install an anti-spyware app and keep it up-to-date. Many anti-spyware apps include website attack detection. These apps prevent the browser from accessing websites that might exploit the browser’s vulnerabilities or download dangerous software. Ensure your browser is up-to-date. Many cookie-based attacks exploit the weak points of old browser versions.

Cookies are everywhere and cannot be avoided if you wish to access some of the largest and best websites on the internet, either local or international. The clear understanding of the way cookies work and the benefits they bring you can take the necessary security measures so that you always have a safe and satisfactory browsing experience.

Your rights

As a user of the  website you have the following rights:

  • The right to information regarding the processing of personal data by Commit Global;

  • The right to access personal data, upon request and free of charge for one request per year;

  • The right of intervention, rectification, deletion or portability of personal data, upon request and free of charge;

  • The right to address any competent authority regarding data privacy issues in connection to the use of your personal data

  • The right to opposition and the automated individual decision-making process as well as the right to restrict processing.

You may submit a request for your personal data to be modified or deleted at any moment in time, by sending a simple request via email at: 

This policy constitutes, in its entirety, an agreement concluded between you and Commit Global regarding the use of this site.

Commit Global reserves the right to revise and update this policy at any time, without notice or prior acceptance of the users. If you have any questions regarding the information contained in this page, please write to us at 

This version of Privacy Policy is effective as of September 1st 2022. 

This site uses cookies

In order to provide you with the best browsing experience we use cookies. If you disagree with this, you may withdraw your consent by changing the settings on your browser.

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