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CRITICAL SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE: Offering safe access to housing and vital resources, enabling access to timely information and ensuring health services for the chronically ill, our tools have offered critical support for over 1 million refugees. Find out more.

When disaster hits or war starts each minute saved and each not wasted resource makes the difference between life and death. We built the first 360-degree integrated common infrastructure bringing in all actors in the same digital space in order to have a genuinely refugee-centric response.

Technology has shown us how effective we can all be when collaboration and coordinated response are embedded in the instruments we use together. Robust infrastructure is the link from dozens to hundreds of thousands of people getting instant real-time access to all available verified information and critical services.

Commit Global has built the Civic Infrastructure NGOs need: a first of its kind 360 degrees ecosystem of solutions enabling NGOs to operate effectively and efficiently. Our commitment is to deploy this critical Civic Infrastructure in suport of every NGO around the world at no cost for them.

The Civic Infrastructure we provide supports all NGOs with:

Be Ready

Mobile companion that helps individuals and families prepare for disasters.

Gov Info Hub

Centralizing governmental decrees & communication to enable factchecking in crisis.

In Case Of...

Simple, user-friendly guides for people at risk in cases of emergency.

Data Collector

Data gathering and visualization instrument for predictive analysis.


Single entry point for all vital information and services refugees & migrants need.

Dopomoha app

Mobile companion for refugees & migrants to access vital information and services.

Find Help

Immediate access to all available services for people in distress.

Get To Safety

Real time mapping and alerts of dangerous areas to avoid during floods and wildfires.

Law Made Simple

Simple decision trees helping the vulnerable decipher law and bureaucracy.


Data visualization instrument for effective mass communication.


Mapping of all actors engaged in relief and response.


Volunteer management system for better field coordination.


The Stock Management System enabling effective use of resources and traceability.

Resource & Volunteer Manager

Intervention Management for coordinated response.

Shelter Manager

Housing management and allocation & access to verified shelter for those left homeless.

Aid Manager

Managing all incoming aid and its traceable distribution as well as requests for help.

Mobile Hospitals Manager

Effective management for medical mobile units.

Shelter People Database

People finder solution to identify missing people.

Mobile Emergency Manager

Mobile companion for field workers.

PTSD Coach

Psychological support for those suffering from PTSD.

Case Management

Immediate access to critical healthcare services for chronically ill patients.

Women Center

Acces to reproductive health services and information to prevent trafficking.

Emergency Help

Traceable donations for verified first-responder NGOs during crises.


Access to the job market and employment support for refugees.

Evidence Collection

Effective data collection instruments for field workers.


An instrument to monitor progress on recovery programs’ efforts.

Remember Them

Digital storytelling platform to collect stories of victims and preserve their memory..

Support this initiative

If you want to support the maintenance and further development of the Civic Infrastructure for civil society organisations or if you want to discuss a potential partnership with Commit Global please get in touch with our core team at Our team will get in touch as soon as possible.

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