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Empowering African NGOs: Code for Romania / Commit Global Launches Website Factory: NGO with Pan-African Alliance for Citizenship, First Step in their Partnership to Strengthen Civil Society in Africa

Code for Romania / Commit Global continues to expand the Infrastructure of Good worldwide with "Website Factory: NGO" through the Pan-African Alliance for Citizenship, a first step towards strengthening civil society in Africa and supporting NGOs to effectively respond to today's global challenges.

Author: Commit Global

Bucharest, April 30, 2024: Commit Global, the world's largest civic technology organization, continues its global expansion by starting a collaboration partnership with The Pan African Alliance for Citizenship - Alliance Panafricaine pour la Citoyenneté. The partnership is a continuation of Commit Global’s mission to deploy the humanitarian Infrastructure for Good built in Romania wherever it is needed, digital solutions to overcome global challenges.

As part of the digital infrastructure to be deployed in Africa, the first digital solution is Website Factory: NGO, an innovative website builder designed specifically for non-governmental organizations. This platform is a free, easy-to-use and user-friendly website builder, tailored to meet the unique needs of NGOs. It allows any organization to easily build an accessible and responsive website, ensuring a barrier-free online presence for all beneficiaries. 

As civil society organizations play a pivotal role in tackling worldwide issues, from combating the climate emergency to delivering aid in times of disaster, the significance of robust and streamlined NGOs in addressing these challenges effectively cannot be overstated. This endeavor marks just the beginning, representing an ongoing commitment to ensuring these organizations have the necessary tools to be as effective as possible in addressing global challenges.

Working towards a better future for Africa and Africans, The Pan African Alliance for Citizenship - Alliance Panafricaine pour la Citoyenneté has delegates in East, Central, North, West and Southern Africa, including South Africa, Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Uganda, Senegal, and others.

“This is another milestone in our ongoing commitment to create a Global Infrastructure For Good, one where digital solutions can be shared by NGOs and agencies anywhere in the world. As part of the commitment with the Pan-African Alliance for Citizenship, we will jointly work to ensure that our efforts converge towards promoting active and responsible citizenship, cooperation and development, migration and asylum, humanitarian aid, social innovation, conflict prevention and peacekeeping”, said Bogdan Ivănel, CEO of Code for Romania / Commit Global.

“With Commit Global's commitment and support, African civil society is on the threshold of an unprecedented digital revolution. We are aware that the deployment of the digital infrastructure created by Commit Global in the four corners of Africa is a defining moment for positioning CSOs at the forefront of the agents driving societal change. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Commit Global team for making it possible to share various digital solutions with the Pan-African Alliance for Citizenship. We also reiterate our commitment to the success and promotion of the strategic partnership that unites us, and to the mobilization of all our strengths and resources”, said Mohammed El Abbouch, President of The Pan African Alliance for Citizenship - Alliance Panafricaine pour la Citoyenneté.

The partnership aims to harness combined expertise and resources to make meaningful contributions to society on a global scale. Through collaborative efforts and shared values, confidence lies in the partnership driving positive change and creating lasting impact in the African communities.

Through the Infrastructure for Good, we understand the body of open source digital solutions built and integrated strategically into ecosystems meant to tackle a critical global issue and made available as such on a continuous basis to NGOs all over the world, in order to grow their effectiveness and response capacity. Isolated efforts cannot solve global problems, hence the urgent need to develop a global Infrastructure for Good to tackle the major challenges of our time. To save more lives in times of trouble, to improve the quality of life.

By putting together coherent ecosystems that offer a 360 degree response to global issues, we transform disparate digital solutions into an Infrastructure for Good, exponentially increasing their potential to help.

The Pan African Alliance for Citizenship, a law association registered in Paris in 1901, is a Pan-African confederation of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and citizen initiatives, working towards a better future for Africa and Africans, with delegates in East, Central, North, West and Southern Africa, including South Africa, Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Uganda, Senegal, and others. The association upholds the principles of commitment, responsibility, and respect for diversity. Its mission: to strengthen the ability of citizens to act by supporting action led by civil society organizations committed to the emergence of a democratic, supportive, and resilient Africa, ensuring ecological and social sustainability, so that all citizens can flourish with dignity in a framework of peace and prosperity.

Commit Global, as the world's first global non-governmental civic technology organization, has the goal to provide a free global digital infrastructure so that government, international and civil organizations can provide faster and more coordinated support in the wake of humanitarian disasters. Through previous projects, more than 20 million people have already been supported with digital solutions that help hundreds of thousands of NGOs around the world. Commit Global aims to ensure equitable global access to this infrastructure, regardless of age, race, education.

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