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Germany supports the non-governmental organisation Commit Global with €1.35 million

Commit Global receives financial support through the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin for the humanitarian support infrastructure built by Code for Romania in the context of the war in Ukraine.

Author: Commit Global

The Federal Foreign Office in Berlin is supporting the “Humanitarian Assistance Digital Infrastructure" project of the non-governmental organization Commit Global with €1.35 million over the next 18 months. The aim of the project is to improve access to humanitarian aid by building a globally connected digital infrastructure so that people in need can receive help more quickly. Commit Global will build on the experience gained from the implementation of this humanitarian infrastructure supporting Ukrainian refugees, created at the beginning of Russia's ongoing war of aggression against Ukraine. Through this digital infrastructure, government agencies, international and non-governmental organizations, companies and private initiatives have been able to centrally manage the dissemination of necessary information, medical services, accommodation and other resources to refugees.

Ambassador Dr. Peer Gebauer says: “I am extremely happy that in our collaboration with Commit Global, we can make a significant contribution to delivering aid faster to people in need. With the increase in global crises, armed conflicts and humanitarian disasters, it is crucial that humanitarian aid is distributed efficiently, reaches those in need quickly and makes important information available to all. The excellent work of Commit Global shows how, through smart software solutions and the involvement of dedicated volunteers, support for those in need can be better directed, saving lives. This project demonstrates once again that Romania has an important role to play in the development of innovative IT applications.”

Bogdan Ivănel, founder and president of Commit Global / Code for Romania, highlighted: “The reality is that we live in a world marked by crises. The effects of climate change are becoming more severe, armed conflicts are multiplying and democracy and the protection of human rights are under unprecedented pressure. In the midst of these deepening crises, we all look to civil society to come up with practical solutions. But the reality is that civil society itself is exhausted by these challenges. Technology can help civil society and institutional partners to respond faster and more effectively to growing challenges.
And we can do this anywhere, not just at the local level, because technology is agnostic to language and geography. The Infrastructure For Good built in Romania can be applied anywhere in the world. Commit Global, the first global organization initiated in Romania, is the organization that wants to digitizes civil society at a global level.

Thus, the information systems needed to provide free information systems for humanitarian assistance, disaster management, human rights protection, and vulnerable groups offered free of costs by one NGO can reach tens of thousands of other NGOs, so that millions of people in need receive timely assistance.”

Commit Global: its goal as the world's first global non-governmental civic technology organization is to provide a free global digital infrastructure so that government, international and civil organizations can provide faster and more coordinated support in the wake of humanitarian disasters. Through previous projects, more than 20 million people have already been supported. Commit Global aims to ensure equitable global access to this infrastructure, regardless of age, race, education.

Photo: Ambassador Peer Gebauer with Bogdan Ivănel, Founder of Commit Global

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