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Monitoring the Polish parliamentary elections: Vote Monitor tool

Commit Global is monitoring the parliamentary elections in Poland, providing support to partners on the ground, the Political Accountability Foundation. It is another example of the effective use of technology in supporting and empowering democratic processes.

Author: Commit Global

We are monitoring the Polish parliamentary elections and provide on-the-ground support alongside our partners, the Political Accountability Foundation, with the Vote Monitor tool. This tool is dedicated to independent observers who are currently monitoring the Polish parliamentary elections.

Until the midpoint of the electoral day, our observers have already submitted over 800 notes from more than 220 polling stations. This marks the second time we've deployed this tool in Poland and the 8th time it has been used worldwide, showcasing how technology empowers organizations and citizens to uphold the integrity of democratic processes.

We're proud that our application, Vote Monitor, has been a valuable ally to the Political Accountability Foundation.

Following the closure of polls, the recorded data reveals that 150 independent observers submitted:

🟡 Over 22,000 election monitoring form responses
🟡 2,200 observation notes from 661 polling stations

In total:

🟡 Number of responses sent: 22,365
🟡 Polling stations visited: 661
🟡 Counties visited: 98
🟡 Grades transmitted: 2,237
🟡 Authenticated observers: 150+

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