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Sharing stories of resilience from Armenia

Inspiring stories of resilience from Armenia's fields, highlighting the strength and courage of individuals facing challenges in the aftermath of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Author: Commit Global

Sharing stories of resilience from the field: Meet Anna, Gayane, Milla, and Gohad—individuals whose lives were abruptly disrupted by conflict, compelling them to seek safety in Armenia. These testimonies of strength and survival were directly gathered from our colleague's discussions Anca Drăgoi with them on the ground.

🔹 Anna, 41 years old, arrived in Armenia on 29th of September after a traumatic event of her husband who lost one leg. She fears further conflict but remains determined to rebuild her life. "No plans to leave, my current location holds no significance now that I've lost my home. My fear is that conflict might escalate in Armenia too."

🔹 Gayane, 42 years old, a single mother with a daughter, fled Stepanakert with minimal belongings, seeking safety. She's facing uncertainty but is focused on providing for her child.

"We've got nothing left. When the war kicked off, we grabbed what we could—just the clothes on our backs and a single bag. We're starting from scratch and need everything. We had zero heads-up, no clue about the journey or what was coming—just a constant fear tagging along."

🔹 Milla, 33 years old, a mother of five, came to Armenia seeking refuge with her family, in need of essentials and job opportunities. They choose to stay despite challenges.

🔹 Gohad, 34 years old, a single mother with two children, faces homelessness and displacement, leaving her homeland. Her struggle emphasizes the urgent need for support and stability.

These testimonies highlight the immense challenges faced by these individuals and families due to sudden displacement, loss of homes, injuries, and an uncertain future in a new place. The fear of further conflict in Armenia adds to their distress, underscoring the urgent need for support, shelter, livelihood opportunities, and stability.

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