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Sustaining Humanitarian Efforts: Our work in Armenia continues

Amidst the challenges in Syunik Province, our team is actively engaged in Goris, Armenia, in deploying essential humanitarian digital infrastructure and collaborating with local stakeholders to assess and address the needs of forcibly displaced populations.

Author: Commit Global

Our work in Armenia presses on, focusing on the deployment of essential humanitarian digital infrastructure. Just yesterday, our colleague, Anca Drăgoi, held a series of productive meetings in Goris, situated in the Syunik Province. The main goal was to comprehensively assess the needs of the people and engage in collaborative discussions with key non-governmental organizations, including Medecins du monde, Frontline therapists, People in Need, and more. These actions form crucial elements of our continuous and concerted efforts in the region.

Currently, there are approximately 2,000 individuals residing in various hotels in Goris. In the broader Syunik region, the population is estimated at around 15,500 people. Syunik Province is a pivotal player in Armenian development, boasting both economic and strategic significance due to its proximity to Azerbaijan and Iran. This region serves as a vital link between Armenia with its neighboring nations.

In accordance with the most recent field updates, Goris hosts a particularly vulnerable population, comprising mainly of elderly individuals, people with disabilities, and large families with limited or no sources of income. These individuals were unable to travel further and have found temporary accommodation in the town.

Addressing the situation, it is essential to emphasize the need for continuous monitoring and accountability concerning the displaced individuals who have arrived in the region. This will enable the formulation of an appropriate response to cater to their specific needs.

In light of these pressing realities, we stand firm, unwavering in our commitment to persist and extend our actions in the forthcoming period.

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