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“Website Factory: NGO”, Already Available for Thousands of Organizations in Romania, Georgia, and Moldova

The Ultimate Website Builder for Non-Governmental Organizations, Game-Changer for NGOs Worldwide, made by Code for Romania

Author: Code for Romania

Bucharest, November 13, 2023: Website Factory: NGO, an innovative website builder specifically designed for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), reaches thousands of organizations in three European countries: Georgia, Moldova, and Romania. This initiative marks a significant step towards enhancing the digital capabilities of NGOs globally, empowering them to maximize their impact through robust online presence and effective communication.
This digital instrument has been developed by Code for Romania, the world's largest civic technology organization, a pioneer in digital tool integration for social good, and it is being maintained and provided to organizations all over the world through Commit Global’s infrastructure. In Georgia and Republic of Moldova, this game changing digital tool for NGOs is available thanks to the support of The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

The international initiative ensures worldwide equal access for NGOs to a 360-degree ecosystem of digital solutions tailored to their specific needs, including Website Factory: NGO.

In today's digital age, an online presence is crucial for nonprofit organizations. It's not just a platform to showcase your work; it's a vital tool for transparency, accountability, and effective communication. Website Factory: NGO, the only website builder designed specifically for NGOs, is a user-friendly, easy-to-use platform that empowers organizations to create responsive, accessible websites that increase their online presence and fundraising capabilities.

The platform allows any NGO to fully personalize its online presence, with the most frequently used elements for reporting, fundraising, calls to action, and communication with different target audiences. This high level of personalization is achievable through simple modules and building blocks, including document upload features, templates, and seamless integration with third-party services. The solution is integrated with payment processors making online fundraising very easy for every non-profit. 

Website Factory: NGO is provided for free to the entire nonprofit sector. The maintenance of the solution is ensured by Commit Global thus every update, new features and enhancements are ensured and made simultaneously available to all organizations. Organizations can also use Website Factory: NGO to build websites for specific projects or campaigns with ease.

Why NGO Capacity Building Matters

Civil society organizations are vital in addressing global challenges. From combating the climate crisis to providing disaster relief, strong and efficient NGOs are crucial. Website Factory: NGO is one facet of Code for Romania & Commit Global’s commitment to ensure these organizations have the tools they need to be as effective as possible.

Security, Privacy, and Technical Support

The platform prioritizes the security and privacy of NGO data, ensuring all website-related information is held securely. Additionally, Website Factory: NGO includes ongoing technical updates and support, ensuring NGOs have access to the latest digital tools and features that we offer.

Empowering NGOs for Greater Impact

“NGOs are the backbone of social change and development. Our new platform is designed to empower these organizations with a powerful online presence, enhancing their capacity to communicate and engage with their stakeholders, foster transparency and raise funds”, said Ana Blidaru, Head of NGO Capacity Building at Code for Romania & Commit Global. “This is more than just a website builder; it's a step towards a more interconnected and resilient civil society”, added Tudor Amariei, Head of Civic Tech 911 at Code for Romania & Commit Global.

Getting Started with Website Factory: NGO

Any NGO interested in using Website Factory: NGO can contact Ana Blidaru at [] and Tudor Amariei at [] for more information or enroll for the solution on the website.

About Code for Romania & Commit Global

Committed to advancing technology and digital innovation for the greater good, dedicated to integrating digital tools to form a robust Civic Infrastructure for tackling global issues, Code for Romania through Commit Global provides sustainable solutions to nonprofit organizations, ensuring they have the tools they need to thrive in the digital age. Their focus is on creating ecosystems that offer comprehensive responses to global challenges, transforming disparate digital tools into an effective civic Infrastructure for Good.

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