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CRITICAL SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE: Offering safe access to housing and vital resources, enabling access to timely information and ensuring health services for the chronically ill, our tools have offered critical support for over 1 million refugees. Find out more.

Civil society organizations work every day to make the world around us a bit better. Any problem of theirs becomes ours as well.

We cannot really fight the climate crisis, help the vulnerable or offer timely necessary relief in case of a disaster without strong and efficient civil society organizations.

That is why we believe any global effort must start by empowering them with the internal tools they need to be as effective as possible.

Commit Global maintains and ensure free equal access of CSOs from around the world to the Civic Infrastructure they need.

Our work on civil society support

Commit Global has been developing and maintaining solutions dedicated to the internal health of any CSO. Our growing ecosystem of civic infrastructure meant to ease the lives of every organisations currently has:

Discover some of our solutions

Civic Infrastructure building blocks

Read about some of the solutions that are already part of the civic infrastructure assisting civil society organisations, governments and people around the world and see what type of issues they address and how they solve them.

Feel free to get in touch with us at any moment if you want to talk about any of the digital tools in our portfolio, if you are a civic tech maker and you want to submit an app for review or if you are a CSO and you want to explore collaboration venues.

Support this initiative

If you want to support the maintenance and further development of the Civic Infrastructure for civil society organisations or if you want to discuss a potential partnership with Commit Global please get in touch with our core team at Our team will get in touch as soon as possible.

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