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Some of our work on democracy & transparency

Commit Global has been developing and maintaining solutions dedicated to preserving democratic processes, multiplying CSOs and activists’ impact on the ground as well as opening up data to increase transparency and accountability. Our growing ecosystem of civic infrastructure meant dedicated to this pillar currently has:

Election Monitor

Vote monitor is a tool dedicated to independent observers and international organisations who engage in election monitoring. This instrument consists of two components, a web app and a mobile one. The mobile instrument helps independent observers send in real time data from the polling stations in order to identify potential red flags that may indicate fraud or other irregularities. The web dashboard allows for observers management, form design, data processing, analysis and export. This solution has already been used in 7 rounds of elections in multiple countries. 

Voter's Guide

Voter's guide is a decision tree builder that allows for publishing simple instructions for people to understand what they need to do in order to register and vote in their country. The platform is equipped with a map service as well that can suport a user find the nearest polling station he can vote in as well as see the fastest way to get there. Once the polling station are set, the administrator can upload the data and make it visible to everyone quickly. 

Election results

A democracy relies on critical and informed citizens. Election Results aims to inform and develop the critical spirit of voters by contextualizing electoral information and accompanying it with pertinent, unbiased analyses. This is where anyone can access all relevant information on all the elections in a specific country. The platform consists of: detailed turnout maps at both the national and county level, partial results for elections, each cycle after the polls close, indexed as they are communicated by authorities, information on irregularities drawn from Vote Monitor, the election monitoring system. The platform then indexes the results and adds them to the historical data set. Election Results also has a live stream where authors, analysts and experts may publish comments, opinions and data vizualizations all throughout the voting day.

Citizen Monitor Elections

Citizen Monitor Elections is the election monitoring app version for citizens. People can contribute with information from the polling station as well as during the electoral campaign to better inform how elections took place in a specific country. Starting with reporting on electoral advertising that is against the law up to severe issues such as fraud attempts or bribery, this simple tool is empowering citizens everywhere to contribute to a better community and help CSOs and activists in their fight to preserve democractic processes in their country. The mobile app is simple and easy to use, it has several gamification mechanics to encourage people to contribute as much as they can and to ensure retention, and the data is displayed in a dashboard that allows for visualization, analysis and publishing information.

Civic Tech 911 for journalists and media professionals

Civic Tech 911 is an integrated regional capacity to relieve the pressure from the shoulders of journalists and grow their impact through providing them with tools to create compelling stories, to organize their data and to keep it proper, to communicate with sources and more. Many times independent media cannot afford dedicated digital expertise focused on capacity building and internal optimization of operations. 

Most journalists do not even have the capacity to cover basic digital needs, such as building and maintaining their websites, crowdfunding online, securely managing their databases and communicating safely in real time with their soures. More complex matters such as assessing their digital needs or efficiently using technology to pursue their stories and multiply their impact are completely inaccessible to them. The high wages in the technology field make this type of human resource virtually unavailable to small media organisations.

Civic Tech 911 solves this problem by creating a body of digital experts and making them available to the media sector as a shared resource, administered and trained to understand the dynamics of reporting and provide assistance specifically to this type of professionals. 

Support this initiative

If you want to support the maintenance and further development of the Civic Infrastructure for civil society organisations or if you want to discuss a potential partnership with Commit Global please get in touch with our core team at Our team will get in touch as soon as possible.

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