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Explore some of our work on disaster relief management

At Commit Global we have focused a lot on how to effectively embed technology in disaster relief efforts as well as in prevention mechanics to make sure that most of us are well equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective intervention. Here are some of the tools that are today part of the Civic Infrastructure dedicated to timely intervention.

Red Dot

The Red Dot is a digital tool that maps and publishes information about all constructions that may be dangerous for people to live in in case of a natural disaster. The tool can be used for publishing data on buildings, monuments, bridges and other pieces of infrastructure that may collapse in residential, public or business areas. Aside from the official data collected from authorities, the tool also allows for crowdsourcing info from citizens in order to increase the database with as much information as possible. The Red Dot also has a content management system designed to showcase useful information such as how to consolidate a building, how to apply for funding for such initiatives and how to use the data present on the platform. 

Emergency buddy

The Emergency Buddy is a prevention app dedicated to both individual and collective use. Every group of friends or family may use it to: set up meeting points in case of a disaster, input information about themselves that may help rescuers to save them (blood type, pre-existing medical conditions etc), keep track of the items in their emergency backpack and also register for first-aid training programmes. The app has offline availability which means that the maps configured to help them get to the meeting points will be available even if the internet connection is down in the aftermath of a disaster. 

Earthquake hub

This building block acts as a centralizer for all the useful tools, programmes and projects that can help people be more prepared for such a disaster and also a guide for where to seek for help in the aftermath of an earthquake. Designed as a collection of customisable decision trees, this platform helps any user to find the information he is looking for regardless of the source. 

The tool has a particular feature. It can be connected to an alert system and if the system detects a quake over 5 degrees in the area it is deployed in, the contents of the platform rearrange automatically in order to prioritize and bring up front the relevant information for immediate support while deprioritising the prevention one that is usually a default on the platform 

Digital Assessment Kit

-Digital Assessment Kit is a system with two components, a web app and a mobile one. The mobile app is dedicated to two major types of users: experts and regular citizens. Each of these two users has a custom form that allows them to send in data about buildings, bridges, roads and other constructions after a disaster. The experts can, aside from inputting information, to also mark buildings that are safe to enter or not to help the population identify the dangerous areas and not take shelter in such buildings.
The dashboard is a data visualization tool for authorities and CSOs working in intervention and recovery that allows them to identify very quickly blocked roads and dangerous areas and to adjust their intervention plans accordingly. 

Shelter People Database

Shelter management is not just a collection of procedures deployed in each such space but also the place where any person might come in to search for members of their family they cannot get a hold of as well as friends or dear ones who went missing. A digital platform that allows shelter management to register all people in the shelter with personal identification numbers and other details can be a solid database to allow people to find their relatives without blocking the emergency suport numbers or putting pressure on first responders. The platform allows for video camera capturing should such devices exists in the shelter to help the search for individuals be as fast and effective as possible. 

Medical Record

The Medical Record is a symptom tracker designed and built in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. The solution allows for people to send a self evaluation of symptoms every day to a central database in order to help the intervention team in case of an epidemic early identify potential outbreaks and to plan their actions properly. The web app can be populated with content meant for people to better understand how to identify symptoms and a simple quiz can be generated to help people send in data that can be easily processed automatically. The tool can be integrated with existing medical records systems where this is possible and such record exist. In places where it is not possible, the system can also be used as a basic tool for outbreak monitoring or regular health data collection.

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