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Alexandra Brinzaniuc, PhD

UX & Research Coordinator

Civic Lab (Code for Romania) Team

Alexandra is an interdisciplinary professional, with extensive experience in designing programs for social good. With 11+ years of experience in social and behavioral health research and program design, and 5+ years experience in UX and digital product design, she has held positions across multiple sectors, before deciding to dedicate her full time to civic tech.

Alexandra has previously worked in social and behavioral research in academia for over 11 years, at the Cluj School of Public Health within Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, splitting her time between research, teaching, coordinating a research unit and community outreach. After discovering civic tech, she decided to leave academia and pursue a career in UX Design, as she wanted to employ her skills in leveraging social good through technology. In this transition, she worked as a UX Specialist, Principal Designer and Product Designer for several IT companies (on verticals such Life Sciences, FinTech and Cybersecurity), while continuing civic tech work with Code4Romania, as a volunteer. Starting June 2022 she decided to take on a full-time position as a UX Architect with Code4Romania, and starting August 2022 at Commit Global.

Alexandra holds a PhD in Health and Social Studies from the University of Warwick, an NN/g UX Certification, and is passionate about social justice, education and public health. In her free time, you can (try to) find her in the great outdoors or exploring the underwater world, while occasionally volunteering in marine conservation.

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