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CRITICAL SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE: Offering safe access to housing and vital resources, enabling access to timely information and ensuring health services for the chronically ill, our tools have offered critical support for over 1 million refugees. Find out more.

Galyna Arikh

Humanitarian Content Regional Coordinator

Humanitarian Infrastructure

Galyna started creating websites over 10 years ago. In the beginning, it was just a hobby, but it eventually grew into a lifelong professional activity that she very much enjoys doing. Every time she improves a website she gets excited. Her motivational triggers include the competition feeling of promoting a website to the top of the search results as well as the satisfaction of taking the best positions for the best of causes. After a while, when she felt confident that she had strengthened her SEO skills adequately, she decided to add more creativity. This is how she got introduced to web design and began drawing digital illustrations. At the moment, her extensive experience in both SEO and web design helps Galyna take her work to the next level at Commit Global. Here she believes she has a wonderful opportunity to help more people and to improve society by contributing to the global scaling of digital civic infrastructure.

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