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CRITICAL SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE: Offering safe access to housing and vital resources, enabling access to timely information and ensuring health services for the chronically ill, our tools have offered critical support for over 1 million refugees. Find out more.

Digital First Responders:

Critical support

for Ukraine

Ensuring acces to timely and accurate information

1.4 million Ukrainian refugees

Over 1.4 million Ukraine refugees have found reliable, timely information through the platform. We work tirelessly with the UNHCR, IOM, National Council for Refugees, UNICEF and government agencies to keep this info up to date in four languages. Everything from legal status, how to reach and cross the border, how to stay safe, how to access basic services and much more useful info is at the fingertips of every single person seeking shelter outside the Ukrainian border.

This single point of access to trusted, verified information has been up in less than 48h and is being updated daily.

Acces to healthcare for the chronically ill

Case management

We ensure, together with our partners (Daruieste Aripi, APAN, Sens Pozitiv), access to healthcare services for the ones that need it the most. Through our specialized platforms, cancer patients, people living with HIV or those who suffer from severe conditions such as multiple sclerosis, refugees can ask for support even before leaving Ukraine and local organisations can take in their cases, assign them to hospitals, doctors and ensure treatment as well as translation services and much more.

Acces to safe housing and aid

Housing & resources

Commit Global has built in record time (less than 2 weeks) two first of their kind systems through which government agencies are managing aid for the refugees, from basic products, to transport and access to safe housing. Through these systems we manage to make sure that all of the properties made available for refugees are verified and safe for the vulnerable to seek shelter in. From user flows meant to discourage potential traffickers from enlisting their properties or vehicles up to adapted procedures deployed by authorities on the ground, the solutions we designed and implemented with our partners have ensured safe accommodation for thousands of refugees.  

Acces to reproductive health services

Safety for Women

Romania not only shares the largest border with Ukraine but is also the only safe haven in the region for women who need access to specialized services for reproductive health such as abortions or other such procedures. Also, many of the women taking refuge in Ukraine’s neighboring countries have suffered through violence or some are victims of domestic abuse even since before the start of the war. Women’s Center is a platform developed by Commit Global together with Centrul Filia, ANAIS Association and the Independent Association of Midwives ensuring access to accurate, verified information dedicated to women and to reproductive health services such as abortions, lactation counselors, gynecologists and also offers support and counseling to GBV or other types of abuse victims.

Capacity for civil society

Support for first responders

Commit Global offers 24/7 tech support through our Civic Tech 911 programme to first responders on the ground to ensure they have the digital capacity to scale their impact and help as many people as possible. In parallel we are also providing CSOs with digital tools for database and volunteer management in order to relieve them of as much administrative burden as possible to allow them to focus on delivering refugees the support they need on a daily basis.

Access to mental health services

Mental health services

We have developed a digital service to ensure access to psychological help for refugees. Together with both academic and civil society partners, we have launched a mobile app dedicated to help refugees suffering from PTSD as well as enabling access to mental health professionals that can support them through these challenging times.

Accessible information about the laws

Easy access to legislation

We shorten the distance between legislation and citizens by creating the Ce Zice Legea - Law Made Simple platform. The purpose of this platform is to explain legislation in simple terms so that legal texts are understandable to as many people as possible, thereby helping citizens better understand their rights and responsibilities. All information is available in four languages - English, Ukranian, Romanian, Russian.

The content of this decision was created and reviewed with the support of our partners from the Leaders for Justice community and the European Law Students Association - ELSA Bucharest.

This is one of the tens of solutions through which Commit Global has helped more than 16 million people.

Support our efforts

Support our efforts in scaling and maintaining the critical infrastructure dedicated to helping refugees by donating to our organisation on the ground, Code for Romania.

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