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Vote Monitor is a tool dedicated to independent observers and international organizations who engage in election monitoring. This digital solution has two components, a web dashboard for NGO representatives and a mobile app for independent observers. The mobile instrument helps independent observers send real-time data from the polling stations in order to identify potential red flags that may indicate fraud or other irregularities. The web dashboard allows for observer management, form design, data processing, analysis, and export. This solution has already been used in 15 elections in 4 countries, providing a clear, simple, and realistic picture of how the voting process unfolded.

Vote Monitor is a very user-friendly and extremely easy to use tool through which, as an observer, I was able to better organize my day, and keep detailed records of the polling stations I visited. The easy to go through forms helped me filter out things to look out for and not miss important details, and the ability to attach media files and notes to any question made my work and reporting very structured.

Probably the most useful aspect was that I was able to make sure my reports were safe (the phone being password protected). I was also able to easily take the device with me to observe the polling station’s surroundings and add real-time observations. It was also reassuring to know that once there, the information is automatically saved, and whatever happens to my device from that point on, at least the data collected up to that point is passed on.

Independent observers using Vote monitor during the EU parliament elections 2024

elections monitored
independent observers
3 222
messages sent
560 679
issues reported
104 655

A complex yet easy to use system

Vote Monitor is a complex system that enables election monitoring management, data collection, observer coordination, and data visualization for civil society organizations worldwide. The digital solution assists NGOs and independent observers in monitoring polling stations and documenting the voting process in real time for a given round of elections.

MOBILE APP: A native mobile app (iOS and Android) through which commissioned observers can easily report back to their respective NGOs throughout the election day.

WEB APP: A platform for NGO representatives that centralizes in real-time all information sent by their respective observers.

for free

user friendly




Monitored elections

ROMANIA: Parliamentary Elections (2016), Referendum (2018), Referendum, Presidential Elections, EU Elections (2019), Parliamentary Elections, Local Elections (2020), Local Elections, EU Elections (2024).

POLAND: Local elections (2018), Parliamentary Elections (2023), EU Elections (2024).

SERBIA: Local Elections (2024).

BULGARIA: EU Elections, Parliamentary Elections (2024).

Use Vote Monitor

If you are an NGO and want to monitor elections with independent observers, write to us. Vote Monitor is free for any NGO worldwide. We will offer you this digital solution and all the necessary support.

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